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I am the ALEPH and the TAU, Beginning and End, says YAHUAH, who is and who was and who is to come, AL SHADDAI-Revelation 1:8



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Shalom, my name is James Hollen.  I am offering ENGRAVED granite stone tablets(ancient Paleo Hebrew font) at cost to anyone interested in owning a representation of the "Aseret ha' dabarim" (ten words/commandments).  I am not to profit from selling the word, that is not my goal to make money.  The only costs of ownership consists of the tablets, plastic display stands and the shipping costs.  There are no labor costs added for the engraving of the letters.  Please email me with your name, address and the zipcode and I will give you a quote for the shipment of the tablets.  Black granite seems to bring the contrast of the letters out the best but there are no 2 sets of tablets EXACTLY the same.  Their approx. dimentions are 13" by 17 " .  The face of the tablets are highly polished stone.  The sides and back are not polished.  If you do not want the plastic stands, their costs will be subtracted from the total. I will use one of the following methods of shipping-UPS, Fed Ex, or the US post office.  All tablets will be properly boxed and insured for their shipping safety.

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Shalom-my name is James Hollen. I am not a 501-c3 government enity. I am not persuaded by tax deductions. If you feel YAHUAH has blessed you with HIS wisdom on this site, and you feel compelled to give something, please make a donation to a homeless shelter in your area. Now that’s a 3-way blessing!